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16 September 2008 @ 04:19 pm
OMGZ boredom has got the best of me and I'm actually doing a meme. I have barely any work this week, whether that's a good or bad thing I do not know. I'm going to a university just down the road on Friday though so that'll give me something to do at least :P

Anyway, meme time. Snagged from edith_jones.

Put your iPod on shuffle and write an answer to each question with the song that comes up...Collapse )

AND another because I was gonna do this weeks ago and I didn't;

List ten things that I love that begin with a 'J' (kindly assigned to me by edith_jones). If anyone would like to participate in the "I give you a letter and you name ten things you love starting with that letter" meme, comment, and I'll assign you a letter.

Here's my list!Collapse )


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15 September 2008 @ 09:00 pm
I've tried something new! So forgive how absolutely rubbish these are lol.

Some text icons, using some cute quotes I found on this website. I thought they were adorable and, well, I'm horrendously bored so I figured I'd make some icons. I know they're not great (tbh I've only just managed to get used to using text in my normal icons - I've always been pretty useless at text) and there's actually only three different quotes but they're all in different colours etc so I'd love you to have a look and then maybe, if people think that they're actually decent, I'll get to making some more :).

(001-011) Love quotes text icons.

“Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness...”Collapse )


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07 September 2008 @ 07:47 pm
YUM. Lol ;D
No seriously though, I know the that these aren't to everyones liking so rather than moaning about them, please feel free to just skip those if you want. None of the photos used involve real blood either, they've just been staged.

(001-036) Blood play/fetish.

I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name...Collapse )

Blood fascinates me tbh, it just comes with my love of vampires I guess lol, but I love images and photography that involve blood because I think some of them can be really deep. Most are just sexy ;D

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07 September 2008 @ 06:30 pm
So, I've made a batch of icons! I hadn't done any in ages because making them on my new computer, and different screen size, took a bit of getting used to. But I've done them! I never had time to post yesterday because I ended up round a friend's house eating ice cream and watching Bridget Jones after she broke up with her boyfriend :(

(001-018) Johnny Depp @ Blow Press Conference.
(019-045) Jason Isaacs @ The Patriot Press Conferences.
(046-057) Gary Oldman @ PoA premiere/Dracula Premiere.
(058-073) Kat Von D.
(074-075) Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx.
(076-078) Nikki Sixx.

And we shall all have a magnificant garden party and you're not invited!Collapse )

My pirate batch coming soon and I've begun a POTC fic between Jack and Barbossa, hmnmmuhh.

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06 September 2008 @ 10:33 am
My photobucket pictures are working again! If they go again I'm going to upgrade to pro; I mean it's only like £1.50 a month so it'd hardly be pushing the boat out. Anyway I am immensely pleased. Plus I promised myself that I wouldn't post in here again until they all worked because it looks stupid with 'bandwidth exeeded' written all over, doesn't it? So here I am; posting again :D

I've made some icons which I shall probably post later because I'm going to get my hair done in like 50 minutes but, much easier to post, is the fanvideo I've made for Liz and Will. So here we are...

Title: Liz/Will - The Final Goodbye.
Creator: Katie Louise Garner.
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Liz/Will.
Music: The Final Goodbye - Rihanna.
Warnings: None.
Summary: A tribute to the infamous pirates of the caribbean couple that is Elizabeth and Will using clips from their relationship throughout the three films :) In all honesty I don't even support Liz/Will, I like their relationship and, yes, the end of AWE did make me cry BUT I find Will a little to pansy for Liz. I adore Liz and I feel her character would have been much better off with Jack or someone with a bit more umph. Nevertheless, I love this song. I only downloaded Rihanna's album recently and as soon as I heard this song I knew I had to make a fanvideo for Will and Elizabeth because this song is perfect for them.
Disclaimer: Song belongs to Rihanna, clips/characters to Disney.
Other: I do appreciate feedback so I'd love some comments and stuff. Constructive criticism is good! If you use this or anything please just give the appropriate credit to myself kayteelou. Cheers!

I'll lay here with you until the final goodbye...Collapse )

Icons later or tomorrow, some are very dark.
Keep a weather eye on my livejournal page ;D

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29 August 2008 @ 04:00 pm
Okay, perhaps I'm ridiculously slow but I've just found out that the release date for Half Blood Prince is being pushed back 8 months!

I actually feel like crying! I've been counting down the days since however long ago (I can't even remember when I started it was that long ago) and now, with just over 100 days to go, I find out that I have another 8 months to wait!

It's fucking ridiculous, and I'm really really pissed off. ¬____¬
Whoever made that decision should be castrated.

*folds arms*
Well, I'm going to watch Pirates of the caribbean.
At least one of my fandoms doesn't let me down HMMPFFHH.

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29 August 2008 @ 01:40 pm
I actually wrote and finished a fic. Granted it's not that long but still. I actually wrote the majority of this in the car on the way to Cornwall (I wasn't driving lol, or that could have prooved dangerous) and it's suprising how difficult I found it to write when I wasn't at the comfort of my computer.

Title: Perfection In An Imperfect World.
Author: Katie Louise Garner.
Fandom: Peter Pan (2003, because the fat cartoon Mr Darling doesn't quite do it for me as much as Mr Isaacs does :D).
Pairing: Mr Darling/Mrs Darling.
Rating: NC-17 to be safe.
Warnings: Sex but not smut.
Summary: Mrs Darling is inconsolably distraught about the loss of her children and her and Mr Darling find hope within each others comfort.
Disclaimer: All JM Barrie's characters.
Notes: As with a lot of my writing, again I'm not sure whether I'm happy with this. It's not especially long, but I'll often start something and think 'hey, this is going wellll!' but then I'll loose interest or I'll run out of things to say, etc and I end up not liking the piece very much at all. Then again, I think I've managed to use some good description and stuff in this one but I'd love some feedback. Constructive criticism is my friend, it helps me improve my writing so if there's anything that you don't like or would change, let me know. :)

Whispered I love you's echoed out into the silence of the room...Collapse )


I have a million ideas for Pirates of the Caribbean fic but I don't know which to pursue. Without a doubt I'll start writing them all and finish none.
But hey, I might suprise you. Fingers crossed. ^__^

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26 August 2008 @ 09:05 pm
Another fanvideo, this is the second. :)

Title: Harry/Sirius - In The Arms Of An Angel.
Creator: Katie Louise Garner.
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Pairing: Harry/Sirius, but it doesn't have to be slash if you don't want it to be, it works both ways.
Music: Arms Of An Angel - Sarah McLaughlin.
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven't seen HP5 and slash if you squint.
Summary: Again there is no plot in this one just angsty!Harry thinking back on the memory of Sirius to some really sad and delicate music by Sarah McLaughlin. It follows the typical pattern with the sepia video portraying Harry's memories and the colour video being the present. I think it works quite well, but you'll have to let me know what you think. :)
Disclaimer: Song belongs to Sarah McLaughlin, clips to WB, characters & storyline to JKR.
Other: I don't know whether I intended this to necessarily be slash or just the memory of Sirius to Harry as a friend and godfather. Nevertheless it can be perceived as slash, for example I purposely didn't show the picture of the OOTP in the train station so that what Sirius gives Harry can be left to the imagination of the individual. I do appreciate feedback so I'd love some comments and stuff. Constructive criticism is good! If you use this or anything please just give the appropriate credit to myself kayteelou. Cheers!

A Beautiful release...Collapse )

Well I'll be doing more, I forget how strangely relieving making fanvideos is. When you finish you feel somewhat accomplished :)

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26 August 2008 @ 04:05 pm
The fucker says i've exceeded my bandwidth. *twitch*
So sorry that none of my icons or anything are showing. I have to wait till the 4th before all my images show up again and if they still don't I'm going to need to re-upload them to a host and post them all again. And that's like a giant of a job! I feel like crying.... :'(

On another note; I've actually made some fanvideos. I know, OMFG. I haven't made any in years and years and yearrsss. But I've made two to be precise and I'm going to post them individually so it's not as difficult to cross post. So here's the first;

Title: Elizabeth Swann - Looks That Kill.
Creator: Katie Louise Garner.
Fandom: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Pairing: None, just Liz alone in this one.
Music: Looks That Kill - Motley Crue
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven't seen AWE, but who hasn't seen AWE I mean come on.
Summary: Wouldn't say there's much of a plot tbh; only I love Pirates and I love Motley Crue so when it came to making a new fan video (considering I haven't made one in about 2 years) I simply had to put the two together! I love Liz in At World's End, she kicks ass. And plus it seems that everyone she kisses dies. Not to mention, she's totally hot. So I felt this song appropriate for her character so it's just a bit of a character tribute really. :)
Disclaimer: Song belongs to the Motley Crue, clips to Disney.
Other: I do appreciate feedback so I'd love some comments and stuff. Forgive me if you think this is shit, as I've already said, it's my first video in ages so I've probably lost my touch a bit *hides* :) If you use this or anything please just give the appropriate credit to myself kayteelou. Cheers!

Shes gonna turn on your juice, boy so she turns on the power...Collapse )

Pray that my images start working again and i'll give you cookies. ^__^

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So, I've been on holiday and it was refreshing and nice, all in all a very good week. I brought a million thousand things with Pirates of them and lots of Crue band shirts from this very good goth shop I found and I GOT A TAN! So yay for me.

Okay, so you'll never guess what. It was like the second night we were there and to be honest I was rather bored. It was raining, my family and friends had pissed off and left me with my mother *twitch* and the bloke that I fancied behind the bar had the night off so I was absently watching the 1028682602856 foot (or something equally ridiculous) big plazma tv in the hotel guest area when suddenly on comes Gary Oldman kicking about a football and talking in his oh-so-sexy cockney accent!! My frown was turned upside down and I started spazzing, nudging my mum repeatedly (much to her dismay) and squeeing. People looked, I didn't care.

Why I didn't know about the advert I'll never know but oh my god, it's brilliant. It made my night, I got absolutely wrecked on jack and coke and danced to the macarena after that :D

Good old Gary, saves the day. (Y)

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